PREMIUM GEL NT is a 200-mesh, high-purity, natural sodium bentonite that meets API 13A Section 10 specifications. PREMIUM GEL NT is designed to produce viscous slurries in freshwater when mixed at dosages of roughly 6% to 10% solids by weight. It is completely polymer free.


  • Completely free of polymers and salts and conforming to API 13A Section 10 specifications for untreated bentonite
  • Cools and lubricates drill-bits and cutting surfaces
  • Good dispersibility and rapid viscosity development
  • Improves rate of penetration and efficiently removes cuttings from around bit
  • Reduces filtrate loss out into formation and produces thin, tight filter cake for improved borehole stability
  • Reduces water bleed and decreases permeability in cementitious mixes
  • Suspends solids for easy removal from hole