Water Treatment

Claytek provides innovative, economical and environmentally sound solutions to your wastewater problems

Our partnership with MTI/CETCO Environmental Services allows us to a team of scientists provide innovative and cost-effective products and services for industrial, municipal, pipeline, and oil production wastewater.


  • Removal of suspended solids or other materials from wastewater or impacted groundwater. Treatment for reuse or disposal/discharge

  • Removal of solids, hydrocarbons, PFOS/PFAS or other hazardous contaminants to non-detect levels for surface discharge

Service Overview

Oil & Gas

Upstream – Produced water, frac-water 

Downstream – Water used in processes will be clean and reused to minimize consumption and disposal of groundwater. De-oiling, de-emulsification, treatment and polishing for reuse, recycling or disposal

Industrial Operations

Water used in processes will be cleaned and reused to reduce total consumption and disposal of groundwater. Dewatering solidification services and filtration for water reuse.


Industrial waste materials and water used in industrial manufacturing plants; eliminate organics and proteins, which typically are flushed down the municipal sewer.


Smelting and refining – Process water and materials used in the smelting and refining of precious metals can be decontaminated of residue and solids before being introduced back into the environment as per government regulations.

Emergency Spill Response

Spills and Contamination – Water or soil that has been affected by environmental disasters can be processed and safely disposed of or released back to the environment, contamination-free.

What makes us unique?

We have proven technologies that ensure compliance with the toughest waste and water challenges.

Our product formulations have been used all over the world and are deployed with innovative equipment and processes. In addition, we have experienced personnel that can  ensure your success.

  • Small footprint on site
  • Decreased processing time; simple process
  • Versatile technology, effective between pH 2–12, and variable influent parameters
  • Cost effective and easily scalable 
  • Consistent results – forgiving under variable influent conditions, proven technology >40yrs