Wabasca Solidification Project

Claytek performs a winter solidification project for a major pipeline contractor in Northern Alberta

Around the clock HDD drilling on a 48 inch hole for gas line near Wabasca Ab, Claytek managed all the waste material from the HDD program with our Rapid Solidification Process allowing the waste material to quickly be solidified from the rigs solids separation system to a stackable and solidified material so it could be sent to arae landfill immediately. Claytek managed all the waste stream from the rig through to trucking and disposal. 

Our CETCO solidification products provided consistent results ,as did our robust mixing with Claytek mix buckets and zero swing excavator. The project overall produced 4200 tonnes of waste and we utilized only 62 ton of Crudesorb xdry1000G which represents an overall dosing of 1.5% .

The client reduced tipping costs ,onsite truck traffic, and reduced need for sumps and vac trucks
which was a benefit for this remote site