Lloydminster Thermal Pigging Water Treatment Pilot

Zero Lost Production and ESG Win

Claytek was brought in to pilot onsite pigging water treatment and were able to treat the pigging water to pipeline spec and feed the facility with water that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Location: Lloydminster

The Lloydminster Thermal Assets are fed water from the North Saskatchewan river via the raw water intake system. 

Raw Water system Pipeline Pigging is completed annually to maintain pipeline integrity and remove debris.

This pilot netted zero production impact which was a reduction of 5000bbl from 2021 on a comparable pig run and a recovery of 900m3 of raw water.

Among the many challenges of pigging our raw water system into actively operating facilities, dealing with diverted pigging water is the most challenging. When pigging, the receiving water loses all raw water and we are historically diverting to the ponds then off lease until the water is of an acceptable quality for the plant to treat. This drove Class Management and the river operations team to look for solutions in 2021 to both reduce the potential production impacts and improve upon our wasted water (ESG) during pigging activities.

The teams involved are working to understand how to apply Claytek across the full pigging program to drive LPA to zero. Claytek learnings will be applied to the next pig runs in September 2022.