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Kunjal Jha

Kunjal brings 10 years of Oil & Gas experience to Claytek. He started drilling fluids right after he completed university in Petroleum Engineering. Kunjal went and completed mud school in Houston, Texas in 2013. While in Houston Kunjal also pursued further training in the field of drilling fluids completing Advanced Mud School, Completion & Workover Fluids, Oilfield Services I,II,III. He then worked in Western Canada as a Drilling Fluids Engineer, all throughout Alberta, Northeast BC, and Northwest Territories. His experience also includes transfers to California, Texas and Pennsylvania. Kunjal moved to Calgary as a Project Manager managing Chevron Canada Ltd. Prior to moving to Claytek, Kunjal went and worked as a Technical Sales Advisor for the drilling and mining division. Kunjal’s experience in different aspects of the business and different areas of drilling fluids makes him a valuable asset for Claytek.