Our Partners

Strength Through Our Technology Partner

CETCO’s products and services allow us to treat wastewater containing emulsified oils, heavy metals and suspended solids

Through CETCO’s proprietary flocculant technologies, engineered filtration media, high absorption solidification offerings, and extensive laboratory capabilities unsurpassed treatment programs have been developed for clients for more than 40 years. Our Industrial Wastewater Treatment Products Division continues to be a pioneer and innovator, delivering treatment solutions to the industrial, municipal, and oilfield wastewater markets. Our one-step treatment products are adaptable to most manufacturer’s equipment. This allows our clients to treat wastewater containing a wide variety of contaminants including emulsified oils, heavy metals and suspended solids. Our solidification products turn unstable sludges into a solid that can be disposed into landfill. CETCO’s inhouse laboratory services allow us to conduct treatability studies and design optimal treatment programs to fit the wide array of our clients’ treatment requirements.


Strength Through Our Operational Partner

Ketek Group provides a variety of services and rental equipment throughout Western Canada and the three Canadian territories. Ketek has a breadth of experience in field work and a long history of working with clients in the oil and gas, construction, engineering, mining, forestry and agricultural industries.

With offices across Western and Northern Canada, Ketek supports Claytek with talented field personnel and rental equipment. Ketek has more than 9,000 pieces of primary rental equipment, including pumps, generators, light towers, waste and fluid handling units, portable buildings and more. Much of our fleet has been custom manufactured or modified to endure the challenging environments in which we operate. Other modifications are made to reduce the environmental impact of our operations, whether that be through reduced fuel consumption, sound attenuation, spill protection or camouflage. Our fleet is well-maintained and new equipment is constantly being added.

Ketek also has an ISO 9001-certified custom fabrication facility to allow quick, customized responses to client needs.


Strength Through Our Indigenous Partner

Claytek has partnered with Kisik, an Alberta-based, Indigenous-owned and operated business that offers a wide range of site services and rental equipment to the oil and gas, construction and municipal sectors. Kisik rents generators, pumps, light towers and more. It provides surface and subsurface pumping, dewatering and well tests. Kisik supplies and maintains pumps and provides HDPE fusing.

Kisik and Claytek will work to strengthen and advance mutually beneficial economic interests through respectful and transparent relationships. The partners look forward to building and maintaining a long-term relationship that creates and promotes sustainable business practices, employment, change and growth for our clients and partners.

The partnership will allow Kisik to provide existing and new clients with innovative and sustainable solutions for industrial water treatment, soil remediation and difficult-to-manage sludge and slurries.