POWER-TERGET is a highly concentrated, liquid, surfactant/detergent that can either be used with bentonite fluids or can be added to other QUAD POWERTM polymer drilling products. Used with bentonite, POWER-TERGE will help prevent rod-sticking and seizing. When added to POWER-BASETM, it can function to create an extremely high-performance slurry for clay drilling. The product is highly concentrated, so very little is used compared to most other detergents. POWER-TERGE is certified to NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60, Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals – Health Effects.


  • Containers are sized perfectly to match the dose needed for a 500-gallon mix tank – no half-emptied containers
  • Can be used in environmentally sensitive areas
  • Can also be used to clean equipment and wet-down dusty sites
  • Has tolerance to salt-water intrusion and can be used to drill in areas where road-salt contaminates the soil
  • Non-foaming formula, even with high dosages
  • Unique chemistry both acts to inhibit clay as well as functioning as one of the best wetting agents available
  • Very concentrated surfactant produces terrific wetting of clays and soils with very low dosage