INSTA-VIS DRY is an easy mixing, water soluble, high molecular weight anionic polymer. This granular polymer improves drilling efficiency in both horizontal and vertically drilled holes by controlling shales and clays, improving lubricity, and increasing viscosity.


  • Disperses easily with moderate shear in freshwater
  • Flocculates non-reactive solids in reserve pit
  • High lubricity reduces torque
  • Inhibits sticky clay and shale from swelling and bit balling
  • Maintains borehole integrity in both horizontal and vertical holes
  • Works in SUPER GEL-X and HYDRAUL-EZ slurries
  • Can be used with a variety of CETCO additives
  • Works well with Drill-Terge to eliminate sticky clay
  • Excellent for building stiff foam drilling fluids with VERSAFOAM PLUS